Reconfiguration 2021

A Rediscovery During a Pandemic

As we navigate a world after more than a year of living through a global pandemic, I find myself thinking about how we are still finding our bearings, and exploring what high level experiences like body suspension will look like for us moving forward. As facilitators of unique experiences, we are simultaneously looking back at what we were doing before all of this, and what we will be doing afterwards.

Will we be picking things up where we left off? Or will we be doing things differently, with clearer intentions than before?

I thought of this project as a way to show the importance of commonalities in the suspension community specifically. Although we all have unique ways of doing things, we are all experiencing similar things in our shared medium. Our identities differ greatly, and yet we share this form of expression and personal discovery, with unfinished projects in our past, and the excitement of creating something new ahead.

The challenge of emerging from an intense period of change is to adjust to an altered reality. My hope is that by creating something together as a community - even though we are not able to be in physical proximity like we used to be - we can help each other come out of our fugue with healthier bonds.

-Orbán Isma

The groups and individuals involved in this project have a lot of experience with suspension, and history with the community. They have all worked together in some capacity before, at public events, as well as privately.

The intention for this project is to treat it as an on-going one, and groups around the world are welcome to submit their own remakes. Please use our contact form to get in touch!