Reconfiguration 2021: C.A.Smith, Jet.T, Jade Homemaker & The Reverend Butcher

Primary Contact: Craig Smith

Photo & Video: Fuscous Fury

Suspension by: C.A.Smith, Jet.T, Jade Homemaker & The Reverend Butcher
@_c.a.smith_ @jade_homemaker @circuscarnis

It was fantastic to be asked to participate in Reconfiguration 2021, and it is exciting to be able to present our Western Australian hook suspension art form to a wider audience. In Western Australia, we have been fortunate to remain relatively free from the effects of Covid-19. Though there have been restricted personal interactions, we have used the down time to scout new locations, experiment with the use of alternate rigging materials, research new rigging methods and getting ready for when the world resets post Covid-19.

As a small team, we share a passion for creating art with the human form. We mash brains over new concepts and hook suspension possibilities, combining our strengths in rigging patterns/styles, interesting locations, art direction, lighting & costume design. We love nothing more than collaborating to tell a story or set a scene. We are intent on creating artistically focused one-off suspensions without the use of conventional pulleys and rigging systems. Instead, we aim to incorporate natural landscapes or existing man-made structures as suspension anchor points, merging the performer and the chosen space together to create a union of hooks, rope and art. We really enjoy and admire the work of suspension teams, rope riggers & artists who push boundaries and use innovative ways to present the art form.