Lotus suspension photo

Exploring Body Suspension as Art

The Skin Project was created in 2015 by Orban Isma. Initially intended to be a large scale, annual art installation, the project developed into a collective of creative individuals collaborating over various art projects exploring body suspension, both large and small in scale.

Though visceral in appearance, modern body suspension is an intimate process that allows one to explore liminal space, as well as their physicality. During these experiences, people often go through remarkable states of catharsis, and release.

The core focus of the project is exploring conceptual spaces between human experience, and visual art. Aesthetics serve to better convey a message during these intense moments of transformation.

We are most active on Instagram currently, though you can also find us on Facebook if you wish, though we do not really use it much. The quickest way to reach us is to shoot us a message through our website.

If you are personally interested in suspending, you can book a session in NYC, over at Anchors Aweigh. For TSP collaborations, we only work with suspendees that have suspended with a TSP-affiliated group in the past, and that we are confident can handle complex durational suspension experiences.

We are also currently in dropping some content as NFTs over on Foundation & Rarible. All proceeds pay the facilitators and suspendees involved, and pay for future projects.