Skin:Philadelphia, 2016

Photo by Romina Hierro


Created by: Orbán Isma & Joshua “Ganjeesh” Letton

Cielo Productions

Squidling Brothers

The second ever TSP annual event, the primary focus on this installation was to create The Geode; a 24′ diameter faceted rope structure intended to house 3 bodies suspending simultaneously from it, sensing each others movements. It was designed by Orbán Isma,  and made possible with the direction and collaboration of Joshua Letton, and Milo Fynch.

Conceptually, a large structure tensioned into rigidity reflects some of the stress of societal connections and expectations external to our selves, and our shared experiences in that system are an integral part of our understanding where and who we are in the world. Two nights in a row, three different individuals within the Geode explored their shared interconnection of the suspension experience on a liminal level, and a tactile/physical one.

Laced and strewn through the space were also custom made glass sculptures by Jason Pfohl, in Oaxaca, creating a different kind of luminance to the spaces between the rope and bodies.

While this installation focused on interconnected experiences, it was also a discovery period for working with rope on such a large scale.

Technicals & Credits

Production Team

Concept & Design: Orbán Isma
Production Lead: Superkate Slepicka
Rigging Lead: Joshua “Ganjeesh” Letton
Photography: Cielo Prouctions, Romina Hierro
Performances by The Squidling Brothers


Nicole Agosto
Anna Quinones
Ali Kat
Damien Kenny
Kevin Donaghy
Adrian Fynch
Edana Lambert
Jeanelle Mastema
Sam Lynn
Ewok Gia
Kimmy Anne Harte
Tim Sevetz
Alissa Saft

Event Sponsors

Backseat Conceptions
The Squidling Brothers
Gorilla Glass
HOOKED (Omaha)
That’s the Point Needles
Corrupted Arts Studio