Reconfiguration 2021: Håvve Fjell & Christiane Løfblad

Contact: Håvve FjellChristiane Løfblad

Photo & Video: Helene Fjell

Suspension by: Håvve Fjell & Christiane Løfblad

Wings of Desire grew as an independent branch under Pain Solution and was established in Oslo 2002 with the first Body Suspension Festival, later to be know as the Oslo SusCon which we have hosted annually until COVID-19 shut us down in 2020. WoD is dedicated to offer suspension to those who seek the experience and facilitates suspensions to meet the needs and requests of those to chose to fly with us. We occasionally present performances and have done four collaborations with Stelarc in Oslo, Dallas, Berlin and Trondheim.

During the pandemic we have had to pause our monthly Suspension Sundays, but after the first period of shut-down we have been offering private suspensions, often on a one-to-one basis. I can’t really wrap my head around – let alone put in writing – my thoughts on this period we have been through, we’re still not in the clear and the variables seems endless for what comes next… All I can and will say is that surely there’s more to this global crisis that has yet to surface, and may all those who have seen an opportunity to profit get what they deserve! This project will still bring to light what it means to me when the collective effort is presented as a whole. On a personal level I felt that I was touching base with the roots of WoD by working with Christiane, we quickly found out how we wanted to interpret the assignment and executed the suspension with an easy flow and good vibes! What’s in the past is history, what’s next will be history soon enough… Håvve