Skin:NYC v2, 2017



Designed by: Orbán Isma

Rigging & Fabrication Leads: Joshua Letton & Alex Pereiro

Music: Tethys


This one night event took place in May 2017, at Smart Department in Brooklyn, NY. Four individuals were simultaneously suspended for just over 2 hours, from a total of 38 hooks spread across them. The structure itself was created in 3 days, by 12 practitioners, using 6300 ft (1900m) of rope.

The installation title is “Craft,” representing an other-worldly ship comprised of four sections.
Numbered 0 in the sequence, a vertical central control “console” depicts our inner energy lifting, and balancing everything.
The 3 extruding “vessels” – sequenced 1, 2, and 3 – flow outward, the extension of our will, traveling closer to the outside world; the world that is experiencing the Craft outside of itself.
All bodies, being tethered to the rope structure, can feel each others motions, as one.

Genne Laakso debuted a new jewelry piece in the center console as she suspended, and Maria de Luc played her violin live while Tethys followed digitally. This was a very different type of private and comfortable gallery/lounge setting that previous events did not achieve, and featured the most complex geometric rope sculpture the suspension community has created around live hook suspension.

The concept of the Craft was inspired by Orbán’s exploration of more complex ropescapes in the years leading up to this project, and a series of geometric and experiential creations he created with Joshua Letton.

Technicals & Credits

Production Team

Concept & Design: Orbán Isma
Production Lead: Jessica Irvin
Rigging & Fabrication Lead: Joshua Letton
Music: Tethys

Section Leads
0 – Console
Orbán Isma

Vessel 1 
Mike Coons

Vessel 2 
Joshua Letton

Vessel 3 
Alex Pereiro


Main Night
Genne Laakso
Ewok Gia
Maria de Luc
Rolf Bucholz

Rehearsal Night
Tiana Marie
Mia Jumbo
Edana Lambert
Marshall Black

Department Leads
Josh Parkhurst | Piercing Dept.
Superkate Slepicka | Event Coordination
Melanie Levy | Logistics | Lighting

Craft Rope Team
Milo Fynch
Orbán Isma
Jessica Irvin
Mia Jumbo
Joshua Letton
Maria de Luc
Alex Pereiro
Emily Scanlan
Julie Thompson

Event Space
Smart Department