Reconfiguration 2021: Mutant Suspension Squad

Primary Contact: Zavo

Photo & Video: Stefano Settanta

Suspension by: Mutant Suspension Squad

The ‘Mutant Suspension Squad’ was officially founded in 2004 by the union of selected body mod artists from the Milan area. The project mission, supported by professional and adequate training, is to bring the ritual of suspension and body traction on the stages of the Underground scene in a theatrical key, leaving wide space for improvisation and experimentation. We consider all different types of suspension: from the most dynamic in motion, to tandems; we perform real installations using our bodies, our feelings, and our knowledge in the artistic field. Having gained experience and confidence, we are ready to share our skills with other people who are seriously motivated to undertake this journey with themselves. Our approach to the practice of body suspension has consistently been very visceral, physical, and spiritual. We always pay particular attention to the procedures in order to avoid cross-contamination. We try to offer experiences that enhance the “Self” of those who are taking this journey, always maintaining high standards of safety both for us and all participants.

During this pandemic that has temporarily prevented physical contact, we succeeded in maintaining human interaction with our community of flying brothers and sisters. It has been a short break, that has allowed us to consider how to deal with a future life. This project for us is a message: we are still here and we are closer than ever. To face this new beginning, we are working on a project in which we will dedicate particular attention to being in touch with nature within a very special location: a rural historical park.