Skin:NYC v1, 2015



Created by: Orbán Isma

Sam Haxx

Matthew Setzer

Cielo Productions

This was the first ever TSP project, presented by the Suspension Symposium in 2015 – a project created by the wonderful folks over at Wings of Desire, based out of Oslo.

The installation took place over 2 nights, with 15 people suspending simultaneously each night, for just over 90 minutes. It was curated and designed by Orban Isma, and took the collaboration of over 100 suspension artists and practitioners to make it possible.

Conceptually, it explored certain stages we go through in our lives on our paths to becoming not just adults, but understanding who we are as persons having a human experience. Spanning 10,000 sq. ft., Nine “slices” in a circle around a center piece (zero) explored the following cyclical processes of growth and progression: Birth, Logic, Emotion, Gender, Color, The World, Loss, Ritual & Healing, Unity, and Art at the end, center, and beginning of it all.

Everybody involved in this project had already been on the journey of exploring the healing aspects of suspension for some time. It was a collective assessment that the cathartic nature of the body suspension experience would translate into a conceptual large scale art installation well, while trying to communicate complex ideas about human nature.

This event was a testament to the power of community & collaborative work, and what we can accomplish together with shared intentions.

Technicals & Credits

Production Team

Concept & Design: Orbán Isma
Production Lead: Superkate Slepicka
Director of Video: Sam Haxx Freund
Photography: Cielo Prouctions | Sam Haxx |
Music: Matthew Setzer

Slice Leads & Rigging
Slice 1 – Birth
Doug Smode
Dana Dinius

Slice 2 – Reason
Nichole Ash
Alan Belardinelli

Slice 3 – Emotion
Allen Falkner
Bruno Valsecchi

Slice 4 – Gender
Daniel Thomas
Misty Forsberg

Slice 5 – Color
Matt Brawley
Britt Laird

Slice 6 – World
Håvve Fjell
Matt Kirk

Slice 7 – Loss
Joshua Letton
Mike Coons

Slice 8 – Ritual
Aerik Martin
Steve Joyner

Slice 9 – Unity
Orbán Isma
Steeve Easley

Louis Fleischauer
Jeanelle Mastema
Genne Laakso
Orbán Isma

Team Leads
Doug Smode | Permafrost
Dana Dinius | Volnerare Ritualis
Nichole Ash | Escape
Alan Belardinelli | Wings of Desire
Allen Falkner | TSD
Bruno Valsecchi | APTPI
Daniel Thomas | Flair Suspension
Misty Forsberg | Hanging City Suspensions
Matt Brawley | Embrace Chaos
Britt Laird | Pariah’s Point
Håvve Fjell | Wings of Desire
Matt Kirk | Wings of Desire
Joshua Letton | DisGraceLanD
Mike Coons | Hooked
Aerik Martin | Caia
Steve Joyner | CoRE
Steeve Easley | Release
Orbán Isma | Anchors Aweigh

Live Installations & Exhibits
Louis Fleischauer
Genne Laakso

Video Team
Eamon Barrows
Lukas Larsson
Zuni Avery
Gregory Charles
Jason Cruz

Event Sponsors
Gorilla Glass
Diablo Organics
That’s the Point Needles
Corrupted Arts Studio
Heros & Villains Tattoo & Piercing
Lost Tribes