Reconfiguration 2021: Anchors Aweigh

Primary Contact: Orbán Isma

Photo & Video: Orbán Isma

Suspension by: Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh was founded in 2011 by Orbán Isma to focus on providing intense, yet calm suspension experiences in a safe environment. The goal has always been to encourage folks to go on somatic journeys into their own minds. Orbán also created The Skin Project in 2015 as a way to explore more creatively inclined work.

16 years into suspension being such an integral part of my life now, the pandemic was the last thing I expected to show me what comes next with suspension. In some ways we are picking up where we left off; things are opening up, and our procedures and protocols are still focused on ensuring everybody’s safety. And in many ways, everything else is absurdly different. Moving forward we look back at unfinished projects as a group, and think not so much about completing them all, but about how to do things better. Suspension is about vulnerability, trust, and change. I would like to think it was preparing us for a lot of what this pandemic has put us through, and we are now ready to grow both as individuals, and as a community again.