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The Aesthetics Workshop

Dates: November 15 - 17, 2019
Instructors: Mike Coons, Dana Dinius, Orbán Isma
Location: New York City, NY
Cost per attendee: $350
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Guests may visit on Sunday to watch people suspend, from noon till 8PM. It costs $50 to attend as a guest on this day (the 17th of November). You may purchase tickets by clicking here.

This Workshop will be an intimate, educational collaboration featuring seminars, practicals, and exhibitions exploring aesthetics in body suspension. The course will be heavily focused on tying together the technical aspects of facilitation, in a way that observes efficiency, and implementation of creative workflows and concepts. 

The classes and exhibitions will all be taking place in Temple NYC, a sunlit, intimate space dedicated to the elevation of mind and body, located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  We will not be accepting more than 14 attendees, to ensure intimacy, and focus. 

Attendees will also have the option to suspend if they wish, which is covered by the cost of entry.


Suggested Prerequisites and information for attendees


All attendees are expected to have a basic to intermediate understanding of the practice of body suspension. This is inclusive of various aspects of the practice including technical skills in piercing, working knowledge of cross contamination prevention protocols, basic to advanced hands on experience with rigging both above, and below the rigging plate, and acceptable bedside manner and behavior around the suspendee and other practitioners. 

Below is a more comprehensive breakdown of these subjects.


  1. Piercing Tools

    1. Familiarity with disposables (needles, gauze, disinfectants, scrubs, gentian violet, etc)

    2. Familiarity with basic hook types 

  2. Piercing Procedures

    1. Basic knowledge of hook placement and marking 

    2. Technical, working knowledge of piercing with 8ga and 6ga needles

    3. Technical, working knowledge of piercing with 8ga SS Mustads, 6ga Sea Demon Mustads, 6/7ga Gilson variants, and preferably with 7ga Blacksheep hooks

  3. Cross Contamination Prevention Protocols

    1. BBP certification preferred

    2. Hands on clean/dirty/hot distinction 

    3. Proper donning of PPE (will review during class)

  4. Rigging Above the Plate

    1. Working knowledge of basketing and choking slings & spansets

    2. Basic 4:1 pulley system setups, with lead line

      1. Hands on experience with reaving pulleys with 8-13mm static rope

      2. Able to tie off with figure 8 knot

    3. Firm grip on vernacular for rigging tools (carabiner, blocks, swivels, ascender, etc)

  5. Rigging Below the Plate

    1. Experience and familiarity with at least one type of cord

      1. Amsteel Blue (dyneema)

      2. 550 Paracord (type III mil-spec 5040H)

      3. Accessory cord (3-5mm)

      4. Poly-Produkter

    2. Working knowledge of knots

      1. Figure 8 knot

      2. Clove Hitch

      3. Alpine Butterfly if possible

    3. Running cord between plate and hooks

      1. Able to tie off a 2pt suicide

      2. Preferably able to tie off a 4-6pt suspension such as a Resurrection, or Knees

      3. Preferably some experience rigging a lotus or superman 

    4. Bedside Manner and Awareness

      1. Respectful of boundaries

      2. Clean, calm, collected

      3. Understands importance of consent


While a working knowledge of facilitating a suspension is requested, we understand if you don’t have extensive experience, and still want to attend this event. We strongly urge you to understand the basics of piercing and rigging, as you may find it hard to keep up with certain topics presented at this workshop otherwise. We will have a quick review of basic concepts on the first day, but will not linger in that area for long. 


This workshop is intended to educate, and further the understanding of the practice and facilitation of body suspension. It is not intended as a class for beginners to attend and leave with the immediate ability to facilitate a suspension from beginning to end. This is not a certification class. The instructors cannot be held be responsible for any suspension work the attendees facilitate after having attended the workshop. 


More Information

The Skin Project presents The Aesthetics Workshop


Curriculum & Schedule

Friday, Nov 15

(Full curriculum breakdown PDF available here)

9AM - 7PM

  1. Breakfast Meet & Greet, Review of topics (30 mins)

  2. Starting at the Top (1 hour) 

    1. Basic structural rigging

    2. Pulleys vs free standing setups

    3. Discussion and QA, sharing experiences

  3. The Rope (30 mins) 

    1. Rope Types

    2. Knots

    3. Load bearing vs aesthetic rope

  4. Running the Rope (2 hours)

    1. How to create “shapes"

    2. Single Plane rigging

    3. Multi-plane rigging

    4. Stranger scenario rigging (for another Workshop in the future)


-- 1PM Lunch Break --


  1. The Body (2 hrs)

    1. Consent, Clarity, and Confidence (20 mins)

    2. Hook Placement (20 mins)

    3. Lifting the body (40 mins)

    4. Lowering the body (40 mins

  2. Coming back down (20 mins)

    1. Ensuring contaminated line is identified beforehand

    2. Ensuring practitioners involved know what to cut first

    3. Foreseeing and creating egress

    4. Expedience over comfort for suspendee until they are on massage table

  3. Considerations (20 mins)

    1. Avoiding contamination by sticking to procedure

    2. Taking your time

    3. Simple up is simple down

  4. Demo on the quick (1.5 hrs)

    1. Efficiency: How to get a lotus in the air in under 30 minutes

    2. Pre-rigging in <10 mins (suspension designed before hand with visual reference)

    3. Prep and mark in 10 mins

    4. Pierce in <10 mins

    5. Lift and chill 40 mins (Q&A time)

    6. Down and post 15 mins


Saturday, Nov 16

9AM - 7PM

  1. Coffee, Bagels, and quick review of previous day’s topics (30 mins)

  2. Designing (30 mins)

    1. Takes into account everything previously discussed

    2. Safety first, aesthetics second

    3. Figure out your priority

    4. What tools are you using to design?

  3. Implementing design (90 mins)

    1. Importance of time (10 mins

    2. Importance of space (10 mins)

    3. Lighting (50 mins)

    4. Establishing a language/narrative with visual goals (20 mins)

  4. Demonstrative/Exhibition work - Static on pulleys (2 hrs)


-- 1:30PM Lunch Break --


  1. Demonstrative/Exhibition work - Static in cube (2 hrs)

  2. Q&A session + Review of topics (1 hr)

    1. Time

    2. Efficiency

  3. Demonstrative/Exhibition work - 2 at once (2 hrs)

    1. Split into 2 teams, work on two suspensions at once. 

    2. One in Cube

    3. One on Pulleys

    4. Matched positions to compliment each other, designed by instructors beforehand


-- Local Evening Hangs --


Sunday, Nov 17

10AM - 6PM

  • Suspensions all day. Local Anchors Aweigh crew will handle any suspensions that will be going up after 2PM. 

  • Q&A all day. Open Discussion encouraged.