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Educational Workshops

The Skin Project has held a number of workshops in the past, varying in size of attendance. While we have had a focus on art projects traditionally, education has always been very important for us. We encourage both sharing of theory and experience with suspension, as well as a hands-on approach to learning.

The public facing workshops have traditionally been titled The Aesthetics Workshop, but private workshops have always been a part of the process for us. We are interested in shifting gears as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we live our lives, and as we learn how to adapt to a different world from the one we are used to. The Skin Project is going through some changes in the approach to workshops and education as well. For the foreseeable future, all workshops will be limited in attendance to a total of 6 individuals, to maintain privacy. While this is unfortunate, we also believe that this will create a much more focused learning environment and opportunity for those attending.

As of right now, Orbán Isma has two topics he has written curriculums for: Geometric Rigging (intermediate to advanced), Hip Hooks (intermediate to advanced body positioning). 

As we cannot commit to any booking dates at this time, we are offering "giftcards" as a way of being able to pay rent for Temple, so that we can keep the space intact. If you have the financial means to show support, and help us ensure we have a beautiful, intimate space in which to continue our suspension work, please consider purchasing a giftcard. You can either use it yourself, or gift it to somebody else. 

The only stipulation is that once purchased, the person receiving it will have to commit to filling out our standard liability form, and answer some personal questions before we can establish availability for a workshop. Please be sure to contact us first if you have not attended any events with us before.


A Private Session Giftcard for Temple Includes:
  • Full admission to a private educational workshop

  • Access to instructional materials

  • Hands-on approach to technical learning

  • Option to suspend