Code of Conduct

Our events cultivate a safe and supportive space for people to interact with performance, learning, and exposure centered on body suspension. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards aggression, negativity, and especially consent violations. Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and bullying will not be tolerated.

If you are attending one of our events, and another person at our event creates circumstances that make you feel uncomfortable, report the incident to a member of our production staff immediately. Due to the sometimes-sensitive nature of suspension experiences, we ask that reports are made calmly and quietly, as to not impact the experiences of those uninvolved.  Violators will be ejected and offered no refund.


Official CoC for TSP

Consent and Consideration – Our collective exists in the worlds between art, and personal experience. We strive to create a safe environment for people to have their experiences in, without concern for their well being. Whether you are attending our events, or working with us directly, it is expected that you understand what consent means, and give people the choice to make decisions for themselves. Ask before touching, if you must touch at all. If somebody indicates that you are not being mindful of their current state (especially while suspending), then please bow out, and consider disengaging with the person. Consent is not just about physical touch; it extends to both our bodies, and our minds. No means no.

Respect and Collaboration – We thrive on collaboration, but we are only human and often encounter disagreements, and differences of opinion. This is not always a reason to end a collaborative project, or a team effort on any given task, but it may be better sometimes to just part ways, and revisit the issue later. If an argument is the only way an issue can be resolved, either do it with respect and patience for the other person you are having the problem with, or if you absolutely must, take it outside! Be respectful to others around you, that are not involved in the disagreement. We often get the best results when people are honest with each other, and work through their opinions rationally, and productively. Have dignity, show respect, create together.

Support and Growth – As a community of people with distinctly different backgrounds on all levels, we believe everybody is entitled to their opinions, beliefs, and identities. Your mind and your body are your own, and nobody else should have a say over what you can, or cannot do, unless you are causing harm to others. We have no tolerance for bullying. Directly or indirectly harassing others for being different will result in your removal from the premises.  Showing blatant disregard for requests regarding personal space, will be met with the same response.

We can all have a blast together, and create some new memories, without letting ego fully take the reins of our experiences.