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When I started thinking about writing a post for this blog in the wake of Skin: NYC Tethered Hearts, this one topic kept being at the forefront of my mind: the way in which suspension practitioners work together, outside of our familiar team structures. It bears mentioning that this aspect of our process feels particularly […]

The room was moving around Rites of Time and Rites of Time was moving around the room. Time is how I communicate. If I’ve ever walked up to you during a thing and told you something about time it’s because I care really a lot about whatever thing it is happening in a cadence that […]

Design Process Similar to last year (2017), the design concept behind the event came from a place of introspection, and with the intention to communicate a broad message, while invoking something rather specific in those that attended. The feelings and ideas I am trying to communicate with these installations come from many places in the […]

Common Event Formats Event formats really determine what kind of experience everybody is going to have. Over the years, the suspension scene has had a number of different event types, each with their own formats, and subsequent identities. The most common type of event for suspension is the private team meets, often monthly, sometimes less […]

Our sponsors this year were very generous with their support. We really can’t make these events feasible without sponsorship, as we are operating on a community driven model where we don’t really make any profit, and attendees volunteer a lot of their time to make things work smoothly. A big thanks to PS Hooks, for […]

Every year, after almost every event, we go on social media and get a lot of our feelings out afterwards. It addresses our need to express our thanks for the people we shared experiences with, congratulate organizers, and explain some of what we went through on personal levels. In a way, it’s a healthy method […]

As part of our on-going Live Art collaboration with Superchief Gallery NY, we are happy to have the chance to regularly play with different design concepts. This time around, we strayed from our traditional black backdrop layout, and went with something a little more colorful. This abstract installation is titled “The Spaces in Between.” Model […]